Vacant Homes Need Winterizing!

It costs less than $200 for most homes and could save you tens of thousands in damages.

Frozen Pipes :: Miller Incorporated of AshevilleKeeping the heat on in a vacant home is not a guarantee that your pipes will not freeze. We’ve seen homes damaged because of this thinking. Broken toilets, water heaters and pipes can add up quickly. If they burst and the water is on, look out! Most plumbing breaks occur in an unfinished basement, crawlspace or garage anyway, so having the power on wouldn’t matter in these areas.

What’s involved? After turning the water off, the lines, water heater, and well (unless it’s city water) are drained completely. We then pressurize the system with positive air pressure up to 50PSI. to thoroughly bleed the lines and fixtures. Lastly we pour biodegradable antifreeze into all traps and toilets to keep them from freezing. The process takes about 1-2 hours for the average house (3bed/2bath 2000SF).

How much should you expect to pay? We charge $199 to winterize a 3 bath home. Add $25 for each additional bathroom. This includes an eyeball inspection of the home’s plumbing system.

If you have steam, geothermal, solar or radiant heating, we will need to price them individually but they are usually less than $400. Commercial properties are also priced on a per job basis. All winterizations are performed within 2 business days. Call our office to schedule yours today 828-687-1197.

If you have a home that was winterized, we also perform dewinterizations. The cost is $99 for all homes and includes an eyeball inspection of the plumbing system, water heater and heat source. Utilities must be on before we can complete.